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LeanStool™ - The original retractable stool

LeanStool™ was designed to be used by everyone. You can easily adjust the height and it can hold up to 330lbs (150kg) so it's for both adults and children

LeanStool™ comes with both options - the hand strap actually opens up into a shoulder strap as well so you can carry it both ways.

Absolotely! There are people that have been using our stools for years and they are still in perfect condition.

LeanStool™ was designed in the US, specifically in California and it is manufacturedin China.

LeanStool™ has a non-slip base, but the material is not rubber. It is made of high-strength materials and connected to the base

Yes! LeanStool™ works on every types of ground and it is particularly steady on beaches.

It letarally takes seconds to agjust the height of this stool.

The max height is 18.5 inches (46 cm).

The LeanStool™ minimum extension height when it;s at its lowest adjustable height is 4" (10 cm).

LeanStool™ weights less than 2 pounds (1 Kg). The lightes stool on the market

LeanStool™ can safely hold up to 330lbs (150 Kg).

If you open the stool fast it does make a clicking sound. But you could open it more slowly and make it work. You can definetly use it for hunting! It’s very sturdy & can be rinsed witha hose if it gets dirty.

LeanStool™ is 100% water proof, so you can easily wash it!

Yes! LeanStool™ is 100% waterproof so you cna use it in the shower with no problem

It does not making squeaking noises when you sit on it despite your weight!